Norway 2013

My trip to Norway in 2013 led me from the Lysefjord in the south to the Sunnmøre Alps near Ålesund and finally to the islands of Lofoten and Senja in the north. During the nearly 5 weeks trip I got many good opportunities to photograph the incredible scenery in stunning light. During some hikes in lesser known area, I tried to find a few new scenes. I hope you enjoy the results!


CalendAr: Sächsische Schweiz 2014

Discover one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe in impressive light. The calendar 'Sächsische Schweiz 2014' shows the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the changing of the seasons and combines the classic views with more unknown ones.  (Shipping starts 04.07.13)

Language: German

Format: 50 cm x 35 cm (20" x 14")

Price: 19,95 €

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Saechs preview



CalendAr: Naturlandschaften Europas 2014

An awesome trip through Europe's natural landscapes. The calendar 2014 contains photographs from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Slovenia.  (Shipping starts 04.07.13)

Language: German

Format: 50 cm x 35 cm (20" x 14")

Price: 19,95 €

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GREAT BRITAIN PART 4: An Teallach and Torridon - Scotland

In early December winter comes to northern Scotland. Ice covered the countless lakes and the frequently showers turn into snowfall. In the last part of my UK series I show the shots from Wester Ross. The photos were taken during several hikes in the spectacular mountainous regions An Teallach and Torridon.

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GREAT BRITAIN PART 3: Caithness and Assynt - Scotland

The third part of the UK-2012 series shows the northern end of Great Britain, with its spectacular cliffs and the lonely landscape of Inverpolly Nature Reserve. On a starry night at Dunnet Head I had the chance to shot auroras for the first time. The view from the almost 100 m high cliffs to the nearby Orkney Islands and the play of colors in the sky will remain in my memory for long. In Inverpolly I was less fortunate with the weather and had only an extreme rare time seeing the impressive landscape without low-hanging rain clouds. But I will definitively return to that great place.

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Great Britain Part 2: ISLE of Skye - Scotland

In the second part of my UK-series 2013, I present the images of the Isle of Skye. The fascinating hills and the impressive coastline are typical for the Scottish landscape. The weather was as expected at the end of November – very rough. During my ten-day stay there was no day without rain and storm. But in the rare minutes when the sun showed the landscape turned into a fairy tale world and I was spectacular rewarded for the long rainy waiting times.

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Great Britain Part 1: Chalk Cliffs And Northumberland

With the aim of shooting some Scottish Landscapes in dynamic weather I started my trip to Great Britain in mid-November and traveled for about 5 weeks trough the country. My journey took me from the south coast of England via Northumberland to Scotland. In Scotland I traveled from the Isle of Skye to Caithness, Torridon and Assynt. As expected the weather conditions were very contrary (snow, sun, storm, rain). The exposed position at the Atlantic Ocean is responsible for the unpredictable weather in western Scotland. Often it’s possible to experience several seasons within one day. Although it often wasn’t very easy to keep my camera dry, I was rewarded with a variety of spectacular sunrises and sunsets.


The first part of my UK series shows images of the chalk cliffs in southern England, and Calais and castles in Northumberland. More pictures will follow soon.


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Hi Folk,
I just want to give you a small preview of my recent work from the UK. I'll leave the Isle of Skye tomorrow and travel further north to Torridon and Assynt. But before it I want to share some impressions with you.
This Island is amazing beautiful and amazing rough. The short days in November are nearly full filled with heavy rain and strong winds but when the sun breaks trough the scenery gets breathtaking. I got the great luck to capture some of these moments even though it wasn't quit easy. I had to wear good rain gear all the time and tortured the equipment a lot. I had the chance to watch Seals and
Eagles during the long waiting for the sun. They are far better adapted on this landscape then me and to all appearances they don't got really a problem with the conditions. My central issue was to keep the lens clean and no get overthrow from the storm.

I hope you enjoy the images! 

Calendar 2013: Naturlandschaften in Europa

An awesome trip through Europe's natural landscapes. The calendar contains photographs from Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia.  (Shipping starts 21.11.12)

Language: German

Format: 50 cm x 35 cm (20" x 14")

Price: 19,95 €

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In the last part of my Alp series 2012 I present pictures from the Slovenian Triglav National Park. The azure streams and the autumnal colorful beech groves create an impressive natural spectacle.


Alps 2012 Part II: Italy – Ortler Alps and Dolomites

Part two of my Alp series 2012 contains the images from northern Italy. Where I shot the Stelvio National Park and the UNESCCO World Heritage Site Dolomites. At the middle of October the autumn was on it's peak and after some heavy snowfall till the valleys the landscape presents winterly.


Alps 2012 Part I: Switzerland - Graubünden

After numerous arduous hikes during the last 4 weeks I'm proud to present a lot of new work. I traveled through the Eastern Alps: from Switzerland to South Tyrol and the Dolomites to Slovenia. The first part of the series shows the Swiss canton Graubünden where I shot Bergell, Val Roseg and Val Bernina. English descriptions and more shoots will follow soon!



Northern France

After spending 3 weeks shooting in northern france during March and April I now released the results online.


European Alps

New photos of my hiking-tours in the French and Swiss Alps in summer and fall of last year are now available online.

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New Website!

My new website has been online since the 1st February 2012. I hope that the new design and refreshed content meet your requirements entirely. Not only does this include an improved travel map, but also the option to get an enlarged view of the photos. Searching for certain images has become much easier thanks to the new search engine on my website.

Please take your time to browse through my pictures and enjoy your visit!



SpaIn, Portugal

New photos from Spain and Portugal taken on my 2-months tour across the Iberian Peninsula have just been added to the website.